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Tables / Chairs 
Table 2′ x 4′$5.50
Table 60″ Round$9.00
Table 30″ x 96″ Rectangle$9.00
Cocktail Tables: H-32″ & H-43″$10.00
White Wedding Chair$2.15
Pleated table skirts (White, Ivory, Black and Brown)$1.25ft
White Lace Skirting$20.00
Rosette Skirting (White and Black) 17′$20.00
Willow Skirting (Champagne, Ivory, Silver and White, Blush Pink) 17′$25.00
Table Cloth Colors: Red, Black, Navy, Royal Blue, Turquoise, Caribbean, Ivory, White, Red/ White Checkered, Hunter Green, Willow Green, Forest Green, Apple Green, Tea Green, Brown, Sandalwood, Toffee, Charcoal, Grey, Silver, Blush Pink, Fuchsia, Coral, Burgundy, Purple, Eggplant, Silver, Champagne, Yellow and Butter Yellow.
60″ x 126″ (White- $5.75)$5.25
72″ x 72″$5.00
85″ x 85″ (White- $5.75)$5.25
85″ x 85″ Lamour Fabric$6.00
120″ Round White$15.00
90″ x 156″$15.00
90″ x 156″ Lamour Fabric$20.00
90″ x 156″ Taffeta (Various Colors)$15.00
Cocktail Table Covers (White, Black, Silver, Champagne and Ivory, Blush Pink)$7.00
120″ Round Glitz: Blush Rose Gold, Champagne, Silver, Gold and Toffee$15.00
90″x 156 Rectangle Glitz: Champagne, Gold, Silver, Blush Rose Gold, and Toffee$15.00
Napkins (Various Colors)$0.45
Satin Chair Covers$2.50
Fitted Polyester Chair Cover$2.00
White or Black Spandex Chair Cover$2.00
Ivory Ruched Chair Cover$2.50
Organza Sash$0.60
Lace Overlay Ivory$5.00
Lace Runner Ivory or White$2.75
Burlap Runner$2.50
Glitz Runners$4.00
Black and White Flocking Runner$2.50
Satin Table Runner (various colors)$2.25
Voile Table Runner 15′- Blush Pink, Dusty Blue and Ivory $5.00
Dinner Plates Melamine$0.40
Salad Plate Melamine$0.40
Saucer Melamine$0.30
Coffee cup Melamine$0.30
Soup Bowl Melamine$0.35
Dessert Bowl Melamine$0.30
Stoneware Dinner Plate$0.50
Stoneware Salad Plate$0.50
Stoneware Saucer$0.40
Stoneware Coffee Cup$0.40
Stoneware Soup Bowl$0.40
Dinner Fork$0.25
Salad Fork$0.25
Soup Spoon$0.25
Tea Spoon$0.25
Dinner Knife$0.25
Steak Knife$0.50
Cake Plates$2.50
Cupcake Stands$10.00 – $30.00
Salt and Pepper Set$1.50
Table # Stands$0.50-2.00
50 Cup Coffee Perk$20.00
100 Cup Coffee Perk$25.00
Coffee Butler$2.00
Chaffing Dish$15.00
Cream & Sugar$2.00
Cup Cake Stands$10.00-30.00
3 Tier Cake Stands$15.00
Wine Glasses 8 oz.$0.35
Wine Glasses 16 oz.$0.50
Water Goblets 10.5 oz.$0.35
Champagne Flute 7 oz.$0.50
Water Decanters 1L$1.50
Water Pitchers 2L$1.00
Silver Punch Fountain$50.00
Silver Punch Bowl$25.00
Mason Jar Juice Dispenser 2.5 gal. with Galvanized Pail$20.00
Silver Accent Glass Juice Dispenser 2.5 gal.$20.00
3″ Glass Square$1.25
4″ Glass Square$2.00
5″ Glass Square$2.00
11″ Glass Square Vase$3.25
18″ Glass Square Vase$3.25
16″ Flower Tower Vase$2.50
24″ Flower Tower Vase$3.00
9″ Mercury Vase
8″ Silver Mercury Vase$5.00
Mercury Cylinder 4″ x 3.5″ Gold, Rose Gold and Silver$1.50
8″ Decor Block$3.00
Wood Box 6″x 6″ x 6″$3.00
Round Vases 9″x 2″ Opening$1.25
Square Vases 8″x 2 1/4″ Opening$1.25
Votive Holders (fluted, round ,square)$0.35
Beveled Mirror 8″ Square$1.25
10″ Beveled Mirror Square$1.50
13″Beveled Mirror (Round)$2.00
Mercury Votive Holders (Includes Tealight with Batteries) Gold, Rose Gold and Silver
Black Wooden Candle Stands (4″, 11″, 16″ in Height)$2.00
White Wood Candle Stand- 16″$2.00
Glass Cylinders (6″, 9″, 12″, 23″ in Height)
23″ (6″ opening) Cylinder$5.00
Large Margarita Glass$2.00
Martini Glass (24″ Height)
Black Lanterns Small (Includes Candle/Not Batteries)
Black Lanterns Large (Includes Candle/Not Batteries)
Large Black Lanterns- No Glass (Includes Candle/Not Batteries)$8.00
Antique Lanterns Small (Includes Candle/Not Batteries)$6.00
Antique Lanterns Medium (Includes Candle/Not Batteries)$8.00
Antique Lanterns Large (Includes Candle/Not Batteries)$10.00
Barred Wood Lantern 18″ (Includes Candle/Not Batteries)
Antique Medium Bird Cages- Round or Hexagon
Antique Large Bird Cages$8.00
White Lantern 11″ (Includes Candle/Not Batteries)$4.00
White Lantern 17 1/4″ (Includes Candle/Not Batteries)
White / Brown Glitter Twigs$1.50
Brown Curly Twigs 36″
Brown Branch with Multi Leaves$2.50
Stem with Green Leaves$1.00
Green Leaf with Wood Twigs Filler$1.50
Frosted Plant Filler
Brown Fan Branch$1.50
Manzanita Branch 32″
Manzanita Branch 60″
Ostrich Feathers
Acrylic Ice per 1 cup (Clear, Black)
Clear Gems per 1 cup
Coffee Beans per 1 cup$0.50
Small River Rock per 1 cup$0.50
Ivory Pearls per 1 cup$0.50
Steel Frame (Base, Side Rods, Top Rods)$8.00/Piece
Sheer Voile 10′ x 12′ (Ask for Colors)$15.00/Panel
Solid Drapery 7.5′ x 12′ (Ask for Colors)$15.00/Panel
Pearl Curtains$15.00
Beaded Curtains$15.00
Black Wrought Iron Window Panels$10.00 ea.

Candles and lights do not include batteries
White 20′ LED Mini Lights$2.50
White 20′ Mini Lights$2.00
39″ Up-Light
8″ Square Up- Light$20.00
3″ LED Puck Light (Batteries not included-Need 3AAA Per Light)$3.00
Fairy Lights 3′
Fairy Lights 15′ (Batteries not included- Need 3AA Per Light)$5.00
Battery Operated Candles (Does not include batteries)$1.25
Water Fall Chandelier
4 Tier Swag Chandelier 7′
Anastasia 5′ Beaded Chandelier
Chelsea 4′ Chandelier (Clear, Black)
Mirebella 8′ Chandelier
3′ Clear Square Chandelier
52″ x 24″ Black Chandelier
Ceiling Kit: Includes 8x 21′ Voile, 1x Hoop and 8x Dowels. Mini lights and Chandelier are extra
Pillars / Columns
White Sculptured 2′,3′,4′,6′,8′
$5.00 – $20.00
Black Wrought Iron 5′,6′,7′
Beaded Columns 9′
Beaded Columns 14′
12″ Rose Bundles- Blush, Yellow, Ivory and Dusty Rose
12″ Pink / Ivory Hydrangea Bundle$3.00
Rose Flower Balls 7″ (Fuchsia, Pink, Green, Cream and Red)
Rose Flower Balls 9” (Fuchsia, Purple, Orange, Green, Yellow, Red, Cream, White and Pink)
$5.00 ea
Rose Flower Balls 12” (Red & Pink)
$10.00 ea
Gerbera Daisy Half Ball 9″ & 12″$2.50-$3.00
Hydrangea Flower Stems (Many Colors)$1.50
Red Rose Single Stems
Poinsettia Stems
Black Wrought Iron$25.00
White Lattice
Antique Arch
Candle Stands 
Black Wrought Iron (5 Light) 60″$15.00
Large Round Bowl$10.00
White Wood Lantern
Metal Presentation with Brown Edge
Large Window Box
Small Window Box
Small Suit Case
Antique Box
White Bird cage$15.00
Black Bird cage$10.00
Miscellaneous Items
Gold, Silver, Blush Pink and Navy Napkin Rings
Cake & Knife Lifters$2.00 each
Table Top Easels$5.00
Black Easels$10.00
Bronze Easels$15.00
Seating Chart$10-20.00
Flower Girl Baskets (Various Colors)
Ring Bearer Pillow (Various Colors)$5.00
Outdoor Black or White Aisle Posts$3.00
Plants (no pots)

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